Joint meeting Tasmanian Philatelic Society/Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria

7:30 Thursday 18 May 2023

A meeting of members of the Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria and the Tasmanian Philatelic Society will be held from 7:30 on Thursday evening 18th May

Where: Cartwright Room, upstairs Hadleys Orient Hotel, 34 Murray St, Hobart CBD


7:30  – Welcome and introduction

7:40 – Juergen Saeftel (Germany)

 Tattersall Lottery

 Tattersall’s ℅ George Adams lottery plays a special role for many Australians, which is reflected in the auspicious saying “to have a ticket at Tatts”. The lottery was conducted by mail between 1893 and 1987. Of the correspondence, mainly incoming mail has survived; invariably demand mail because the senders were interested in lottery winnings. Underpaid letters, unclear addresses or unregistered items despite containing money led to a variety of instructional markings. An unusual period is the secret private postal network, which was used to circumvent a postal delivery ban from 1902 to 1930. Letters reached the lottery via disguised addresses, with receipt slips or postmarks proving arrival at Tattersalls.

 Tattersalls sent outgoing mail mainly anonymously so that outgoing letters can only be attributed if the original contents have been preserved or if stamps with company punch A were used for franking. Any cover proven to be outgoing mail is to be classified as rare. Few outgoing and many incoming covers form a striking contrast to other postal history exhibits.

 8:10 – Peter Allan (Tasmania)

Tasmanian Revenue History

The history of Tasmanian Revenues from the 1827 Newspaper Duty to the 1931 act

8:30 – Light supper sandwiches and tea/coffee

Entry is free for members of philatelic societies.

Please be seated by 7:30 PM

Visitors are very welcome.

Please let us know if you will be attending using the form on the right. This will enable us to organize catering and name tags


Joint Meeting Booking Form

Joint Meeting Booking Form

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