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Exhibition Exhibits and Frame Numbers

Exhibit NoFrame NoGiven NameFamily NamesTitleDescription
4325PhilipAdamsAustralia’s Kangaroo and Map Issue: the 1½d GreenExhibit covers many aspects of the 1/2d green Kangaroo, including proof material, constant varieties and usage.
5227FrankBagatinPapua, On His Majesty’s ServicePapua stamps.  O S used for official mail by authorised Government departments. This exhibit will show missed perforation by incorrect installation of sheets.
6633BernardBestonNorfolk Island: The Ball Bay Series 1947 - 1959The Norfolk  Island administration issued its first stamps in 1947, in a set of 12 of a common design depicting the famous Ball Bay, a popular Recreational beach. The commercial use of this issue is showcased in this unique One Frame Exhibit.
2920JohnBlincoThe Spaven Flaw: British colonial Postage and Revenue Key Plate Issues 1902-11The history of the important Spaven flaw is explained for the first time. The many features are analyzed within easily understood time lines. The exhibit shows how the flaw developed and evolved from its first appearance in 1902 until the final printing in 1911.
1015HowardBridgmanWWII Occupation and Liberation in the Philippines: 1942-1945This display describes, using stamps, covers and Army Post Office (APO) mail, Japanese occupation and then Allied liberation in the Philippines during WWII. My father Howard Bridgman II, an officer in the US Navy assigned to the USS Gilliam in the Philippines area, was involved in the liberation phase.
313BillClarkSix Pence Stamps of Victoria 1860 to 1863This exhibit tells the story of the progress of the Six Pence stamp, from introduction of the Orange Beaded Ovals, through emergency reuse of the Woodblock in Black, to when the Adapted Design was replaced by the Six Pence Laureates stamp.
6834JohnDiBiaseAustralia: The Gowrie and Gloucester Red Cross  Appeal Labels, 1940-1945The Red Cross Society undertook extensive fund raising activities, some of which had philatelic connotations. Historically, the wife of the Governor General of Australia became President of the Australian Red Cross Society. Lord Gowrie held office from 23 January 1936 to 30 January 1945 followed by the Duke of Gloucester to 11 March 1945.
6935Roger  B.EggletonPolar Bears of GreenlandFamously depicting Greenland’s Polar Bear Emblem, the Pakke Post Parcel stamps (1905-1937) preceded Greenland’s regular postal service.  Fondly known as the “Polar Bears”, the study shows denominations, printings and cancellations. Parcel and Savings uses are represented, and an official commemorative sheetlet is shown.
3221JonFladebyNorwegian surcharge Issues.The Exhibit shows Norwegian Surcharges applied to pre-decimal and decimal postage stamps between 1888 and 1952. Printing types, varieties and postal usage are illustrated.
7036RebeccaGrayAustralian Antarctic Territory 1954-1966A study of the pre-decimal stamp issues of the Australian Antarctic Territory
4726JohnJantzenThird Reich Germany: Miniature sheets issued by the Post OfficeThe complete collection of Miniature sheets issued by the German Post Office during the Third Reich Era.
4224Kevin  JohnKeastVictoria Sixpenny WoodblocksExhibition showing sheet layout of the 1854 & 1861 Victoria Sixpenny Woodblocks and also shows the deterioration of the printing woodblocks from 1854 to 1861.
6230GeoffreyKellowSierra Leone: the Margai-Churchill Issue of 1965A study of the Margai-Churchill issue with printing errors, plate varieties and usage.
2719DavidLloydGreat Britain 6d stamp 1966 World Cup issueFrom early stage artist’s work, imprimatur, overprints, issued stamp, varieties, missing colours, shifts and commercial use.
414GregMillarGeorge V ½d Green Single Crown Over A Watermark Electro 3A look at plateable flaws from Electro 3 George V single crown over A watermark issue.
6331JohnMooreJamhuri 1964 - The Locally Handstamped Overprints.A study of the Zanzibar 1964 hand stamped Jamhuri overprints. Featured are a number of inverted overprints as well as missing overprints.
1316IanSadlerThe Princely State of Jaipur, IndiaThe development of posts in Jaipur from 1904 until 1949. The local issues of Jaipur are addressed in chronological order with adhesives, covers and postcards, excluding officials. Exhibit indicates the accession of each Maharajah, which leads to most issues.
5328TimSchofieldNew Zealand Meter Marks 1904-1921 - Fixed Value MetersThis exhibit shows the development of fixed value meter marks from 1904 until the introduction of variable value meters. This includes Moss and Wales meters. Usages included are domestic mail, international mail, commercial , government departments and receipts.
1618James (Jim)ShawVictoria- 1/2 d “Bantam” stamps and usages - 1874 to 1912The “Bantam” stamp as a mini stamp version was heavily utilised in Victoria from 1874 to 1912 in many ways. It had many printings and interesting varieties as shown in this delightful display.
4123LaurentSimoniThe 4d Chalon Issue of Tasmania 1855-1870.In 1855, Tasmania provided new stamps, designed and manufactured by professional printers,  Perkins Bacon of London. Then they had to produce themselves the stamps for the next 15 years. The exhibit shows for the first time the plating of this issue. A task never done before.
3322GlenStafford400th Anniversary of the Founding of Leon and Granada (invited Exhibit)Structured chronologically to show the unused and used set of 4 commemorative stamps issued in Nicaragua in 1924. The major interest in this set is the subsequent variations to the 10 centavos stamp.   UPU Specimens, printer’s die proofs, essay and colour trials will also be shown.
6432JohnWettenhallAustralia: The Royal Portrait Definitives 1937-1941A study of the initial designs of the definitive stamps bearing the portraits of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
1417PaulXavierPapua New Guinea - 1970 National Heritage IssueThe development of the designs for each of the values in the series from early artist’s work; presentation proofs; publicity photographs; the issued stamps and commercial usage.
6029Paul XavierFiji - King Edward VII - The first watermark Definitive Issue (1903)The new reign.  Stamps, printings and commercial use of the King Edward VII first watermark definitive issue.
Postal History
5546RodForrestPostmarks of the Ringarooma River Valley, NE TasmaniaThis is a study of the postmarks of the Ringarooma Valley prior to 1970, displayed in sequence as we travel down the river and tributaries from source to sea. From common to vary rare, each postmark from each settlement is displayed and discussed.
637MalcolmGroomSilver City -A postal history view of the Zeehan district.A social and postal markings study of Zeehan from the discovery of tin at Mount Heemskirk in 1878 and silver at Zeehan in 1882 until recent times
3142DavidJohnGerman place names and The Nomenclature Act of South Australia, 1916-18German place names and The Nomenclature Act of South Australia, 1916-18
738Timothy KennawayDuplex cancellation machines and inverted die cancellation errors  on Australian covers.This exhibit explains what duplex machine cancellations are, explores the world history and mechanics behind these machines before narrowing the geographic focus on to Australian inverted die cancellation errors on covers.
4045PeterLehmannGerman Inflation Period May 1923German Inflation period in May 1923 and its Postal aspects and implication on the service. It is documented by stamps, post cards and letters. During this month the postal rate was stable. The different rates, like local postage, domestic postage and international postage are presented.
7147JimMacDougallNewfoundland World War II Military MailDuring WW2, both Canada and USA established military bases on Newfoundland.  Mail from these bases shows an interesting variety of cancellations, censor marks and cachets
3543JohnPanckridgeThe 30 Pfennig ‘Postreiter’.  The postal history of a German stationery cardThis card was issued in August 1921 to meet the prevailing local postcard rate. The display illustrates a wide range of postal usage over the following two years, a period in German history characterised by economic turbulence and social unrest.
2039AnthonyPresgravePostmarking Machines used at the Adelaide GPO and Central Mail Exchange 1907 to 1999During the period 1907 to 1999 six different makes of postmarking machines were used at the Adelaide GPO and Mail Exchange. This exhibit is a brief study of each make of machine and is a precursor to a much deeper study of the whole mechanical postmarking process at these offices.
3041TimSchofieldThe Post at Brisbane, NSW 1842-1859This exhibit covers the operation of the Post Office at Brisbane NSW from free settlement in 1842 to establishment of the Colony of Queensland in December1859. This includes rates and routes to and via Brisbane,prestamp mail, NSW cancellations, overseas and registered mail.
2240AllenShattenPostmarks of Hobart Town 1825 to 1854This exhibit presents the handstamps used in Hobart Town from 1825 to 1854. Numeral cancelers and instructional markings are excluded from the exhibit.
3644JohnShawleyMauritius  “Late Mail” 1816-1885.Mauritius markings related to ‘Late Mail’ with the results of research of changes in the dispatch of overseas mail and the ‘Late Fee’ system.
7248JohnWilkinsNetherlands East Indies Japanese invasion issues & overprintsJapanese invasion of Netherlands East Indies 1942-1945 overprinted NEI issues & 1943 Japanese issues.
Postal Stationery
871MarkDiserioQueensland 1d letter card and reply letter cardThis exhibit showcases the Queensland 1d letter cards and reply letter cards that were on sale from May 1911 to about June 1912 (letter cards) and until 1917 (reply letter cards).
1273MarkDiserioAustralia - Post Office Letter Sheets 1961 to 1969This display showcases the issue and use of Post office letter sheets used from 1961 to 1969.
1172AllenShattenTasmanian Unframed Queen Victoria PostcardsThe exhibit aims to present an overview of Tasmanian unframed Queen Victoria postcards, focusing on the appearance of the cards: principally the colours, print quality and printing variations.
3474GlenStaffordPrivilege Envelopes used by Australian Forces during WWII (Invited Exhibit)A total of 16 different privilege envelopes were used by Australian Troops.  All will be shown.
Aero Philately
2884AndrewSmallTasmanian First Flight covers illustrating the commencement of airflights between Tasmania & Mainland Australia.Tasmanian First Flight covers illustrating the commencement of airflights between Tasmania & Mainland Australia. These flights marked steps in overcoming Bass Strait as a physical, temporal, and psychological barrier to communication between Tasmania and the world.
Astro Philately
5986CharlesBromserAUSTRALIA IN SPACE: The story of the Woomera rocket rangeWoomera rocket range was established in 1947. During the 50s and 60s Woomera was the second busiest rocket range in the World. In 1967, WRESAT was sent by the end of the 70s into orbit, making Australia only the third country to put a satellite into space. Activities wound down  by the end of the 70s due to changes in Government policy.
5785RossNewtonApollo 13 - A successful failureApollo 13 was to be the third manned space flight to the moon, however an explosion on the spacecraft aborted the lunar landing. This exhibit covers all stages of the mission, which was considered a successful failure because of the experience gained in rescuing the astronauts.
6583BernardBestonEcuador 1920 - 1943 Obligatory Tax Issue (commonly referred to as Tobacco Stamps)The Exhibit is the 1920 Tobacco stamp as produced for Revenue purposed; it includes all known overprints and surcharges for Obligatory tax and postal service together with Specimens, Revenue use, Telegram Seals and Postal Use.
1580IanCulshawThe De La Rue definitive INTERNAL REVENUE stamps of Western AustraliaThis exhibit examines the only specifically printed issue of Internal Revenue stamps for western Australia, printed by the De La Rue company of London from 1882-1903.
5082AnthonyPresgraveSouth Australia State Transport Authority Fare and Ticket Validation StampsTicket Validation Stamps used on Public Transport in Adelaide from 1977 to 1986
2363Barry JohnBrownForeign Bill Revenue Stamps of India Provisional Issues 1900 - 1904Exhibit displays examples of Foreign Bill Revenue adhesive stamps which have been overprinted surcharged for provisional use from 1900 - 1904
4481David ISmithTasmania - Revenue InnovationsTasmania was the first Australian colony to introduce several classes of revenue charges. These include Newspaper Tax (1827), Financial Transactions (1863), Beer Tax (1880) and use for wrappers,
Picture Postcards
1953IanBirseThe Way It WasDisplay shows changes in Gibraltar postcard format and photography between the years 1899 to 1915.
6159JohnBlincoSymbolism in May Day postcards of the Khrushchev era 1953-1964May Day postcards of the Khrushchev era were a high point in Russian postcard design. Their brilliant colour and sentimental, optimistic scenes were a delight. The exhibit discusses the symbols present in those cards that people knew from an early age were messages of socialism.
3855RossEwingtonA Snapshot of Life in Tasmania 1900-40 Through the Medium of Real Photo PostcardsDuring the period this exhibit covers, Tasmania had many photographers who produced real photo postcards, many being portraits. As well as formal studio types, many included portraits of people engaged in various activities including sport, transport, music and theatre, weddings, public events, occupations, education and so on
3956DavidFiggTed Ryko’s Adelaide To Darwin By BicycleIn 1914, Edward Reichenbach aka Ted Ryko, cycled over 3,000 km from the Adelaide GPO to the Darwin PO in just over 28 days creating a new world record which has stood to this day for the route that he took. This exhibit shows some of the rare surviving images taken on this arduous trip.
4958DavidFiggThe Hoboken 1900 Docks FireSaturday, 30 June 1900 was the day the North German Lloyd docks in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA caught on fire and took with them three ocean liners and an estimated 400 lives. This exhibit tells the story of this ill fated event in maritime history through picture postcards.
3751MarilynGendekNapoleon: Exile, Death, ResurrectionThe story of the events at the end of the life of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) is presented using a variety of publishers of picture postcards, many of which rely on other artists representations.
250SteveHoathWord War I Postcards by Captain Bruce BairnsfatherPostcards showing the macabre and pathetic predicament WW I soldiers in France faced in mutilated landscapes through humorous sketches by a fellow soldier, Captain Bairnsfather.
1854SteveHoathThe Great White Fleet that visited AustraliaPostcards showing all the ships of the Great White Fleet that visited Australia in 1908. Cards from 24 different publishers have been used to show the high interest in the fleet at the time.
4557John  (Mike)KouwenHigh Street, Fremantle (Western Australia)This exhibit shows what a person walking along High Street in the period 1900 to 1920 would have seen. It does not attempt to capture a specific moment in time but more generally the ‘feel’ of the period. In some cases, cards are included which show the changes that occurred from a ‘before’ and ‘after’ perspective.
2452VeraRadnellAn Akeela the eagle story - A bird in the handAkeela the eagle, together with her trainer, travel to different countries to learn various aspects of falconry throughout the ages.
149ClydeZiegelerVelehradVelehrad is a church complex near Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic dating from 863 AD, founded by Saints Methodius and Cyril
4876DavidFiggGeneral Douglas Macarthur: Defender & Liberator Of The PhilippinesMention the phrase ‘l shall return’ and most people think of General Douglas MacArthur. This exhibit concentrates on the years 1937 to 1945 when, apart from his escape to Australia in March 1942 until his return in October 1945, the General spent his time in the Philippines.
5177DarrenJonesConcise appreciation of the 1d BlackA concise appreciation of the Great Britain 1d Black, the worlds first adhesive postage stamp, detailing all the plates including Plate 11 and the Rare ‘VR’.
2675DavidLloydGreat Western Railway Prairie Tank LocomotivesThrough stamps, covers and railwayana show the story of British GWR Prairie Tank locomotives from 1903 to the end of the British era of steam in the 1960’s.
5478HarryPalmerThe Invasion of UkraineA modern day democratic country in Northern Europe is invaded by its neighbor in a brutal onslaught.
5879Dianne SaundersAustralian National State and Territories Wildflowers Emblems 1958 - 1988Australian National State and Territories Wildflowers Emblems 1958 - 1988
6769JohnDiBiaseMonte Bello IslandsIn the period 1951-52, Great Britain carried out a number of atomic tests on the Monte Bello Islands, located off the coast of Western Australia. A stamp dealer offered a quantity of labels for sale during these tests. A study is shown in this exhibit including proofs.
5667GrahamEnglefieldMawson’s Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911 - 1914Letters, Postcards etc from Mawson’s famous undertaking
7365GrahamEnglefieldThe Antarctic Voyages of the “Commandant Charcot” 1948 - 51The Voyages of the “Commandant Charcot” culminating in the establishment of a base in the French sector of the Antarctic Continent.
2168Paul GoodliffeExploration of Antarctica by the FrenchThis display will show the French exploration of Antarctica through the early years of the “Heroic Age”.
566SusanLallyAAT 1973 Food chains and variationsAntarctic marine food chains form a complex web where various species and organisms are interconnected, relying on each other for survival. Krill availability is vital for all animal life forms in Antarctica. Follow several food chains through AAT’s 1973 Definitive stamp issue, examining production varieties and postal history.
First Day Covers
964Gaye and GraemeChequerPrivately Produced Cachets - 11th World Orchid Conference - MiamiThis exhibit is of privately produced cachets for the 1984 United States native orchid stamp issue. The stamps were issued to coincide with the 11th World Orchid Conference in Miami.
4662JohnAaldersMatthew Flinders on Australian Postal HistoryMatthew Flinders is among the world’s most accomplished navigators and hydrographers, although his explorations were mostly made in unsuitable, leaky or rotten ships. Australia Post recognised Flinders’ exploits in a number of stamp releases and on philatelic material, notably his circumnavigation of Van Diemen’s Land and New Holland.
2561HowardBridgmanDragons in European SocietyThis display shows through stamps and covers the importance of dragons in European society and history.  Dragons are the ultimate fantasy being. They have a centuries old history. 
1760JeannineMillsteedPenguins and their shrinking worldThere are 18 species of penguins. Information is given on where they live, characteristics, breeding, what they eat, predators, and factors that threaten their ongoing existence. The exhibit highlights that eleven species are threatened with  extinction because of climate change, over-fishing, oil spills, and tourism.
Centennial Exhibits by Tasmanian Philatelic Society Members celebrating 100 years of continuous operation of the TPS
79 &811 - 2JohnAaldersAustralian Art on postage stamps: a selectionFrom the early days of Australian Commonwealth stamps, the work from Australian artists, including that by Aboriginal people, has featured on our postage stamps. This display features a selection of releases from pre-decimal issues through to those released in recent times.
John1 -2John AaldersAustralian Children’s BooksLike a piece of art, a good children’s book is greater than the sum of its parts. It is honest, has a sense of wonder, and shows respect for the young child. Featured in this display are three issues from Australia Post of 1985, 1996 and 2002 that focus on Australian Children’s books
808JohnAaldersAustralian Postage Stamps and covers of 50 years ago - 1973This display features all issues from Australia Post released in 1973 and includes first day covers that were made available for each respective issue.
8410RandallAskelandTasmania - PictorialsA show of rarities of all kinds of, on or with the Tasmanian Pictorial Stamps issued Dec 1899 to 1913
744JohnCamptonUse of Non Tasmanian Circular Date Stamps on the Tasmanian Pictorial Stamps 13.12.1899 - 13.2.1968Tasmanian State stamps were not valid for use in other Australian states until 13.10.1910 and were never valid for use in other countries. Collecting Tasmanian circular date stamps (cds) on Pictorials is popular but this exhibit wishes to explore the use of cds from other states and countries on Pictorials.
8870Ross EwingtonA different Approach to displaying Tasmanian PostmarksThe study of Tasmanian postmarks has been popular for many decades however most exhibits seen by this collector have concentrated on the display of the different postmarks types and not on specific usage. This exhibit displays the use of post office datestamps OTHER than to cancel a postage stamp.
8511DannyFraserNiven PostcardsTasmanian examples of Niven Postcards
839BarryGibsonThe Halfpenny Sideface and its impact on Tasmanian PhilatelyThe late deliver of the printing plate for the new Halfpenny value and the subsequent issue that resulted.
7812GordonHarrisonUSA PrecancelsUSA precancel stamps - a system introduced by US Postal Service in early 1900s whereby stamps were “canceled” by either printing press blocks or rubber/vinyl hand-cancelers before being affixed to bulk mail postings. A brief look at both a serious and fun collection of US states and “stuff-ups”.
777JohnJantzenAlbert Janesch: War ArtistThe War Artist Albert Janesch painted scenes of the German invasion of Western Europe in 1940. This exhibit covers the stamped postcards and postcards featuring his work.
823JohnJantzenA Brief History of The Tasmanian Philatelic SocietyThe TPS was founded over 120 years ago, and has met on a regular basis for over 100 years. This is a collection of press articles, photographs etc compiled by our archivist, John Jantzen.
766GregMillarBishops Waltham - Its DevelopmentBishops Waltham, an English village in Hampshire - a look at its development from an Anglo-Saxon settlement to a present day commuter village serving several large nearby cities.
755GrahamRowbottomQueen Victoria Great BritainFrom the 1d Black through to the Jubilee issues, an attempt to showcase some of the better stamps of the period including Telegraph and Officials.
Invited Exhibits
8687 - 94JuergenSaeftelTattersall LotteryTattersall’s ℅ George Adams lottery plays a special role for many Australians, which is reflected in the auspicious saying “to have a ticket at Tatts”. The lottery was conducted by mail between 1893 and 1987. Of the correspondence, mainly incoming mail has survived; invariably demand mail because the senders were interested in lottery winnings. Underpaid letters, unclear addresses or unregistered items despite containing money led to a variety of instructional markings. An unusual period is the secret private postal network, which was used to circumvent a postal delivery ban from 1902 to 1930. Letters reached the lottery via disguised addresses, with receipt slips or postmarks proving arrival at Tattersalls.
8795 - 99PeterAllanTasmania - Revenue HistoryOperation of the Tasmanian Stamp Duties Act and Regulations 1827 - 1931.